El Güegüense or “The Wise Man” is a true Nicaraguan Cigar

The debut cigar and initial line blended under Master Cigar Maker Nicholas Melillo for Foundation Cigars. A true Nicaraguan puro, each bale of tobacco that goes into this cigar is hand selected by Melillo with the filler leaves coming from a special vintage crop from years 2011 and 2012. Melillo is personally overseeing production at the Tobacco Valle de Jalapa (TABSA) facility with production being limited to 225 units per day. El Güegüense is aged in cedar humidors for 30 days before being shipped from Nicaragua, ensuring The Wise Man celebrates the Nicaraguan people, land, and culture.

El Güegüense


For five hundred years, Nicaragua has served as a crossroads of cultures, ever since indigenous inhabitants mocked arriving Spanish conquistadors in a colorful, costumed satirical masterpiece called “El Güegüense” (Gwe-gwe-nse), or “The Wise Man.” It is Nicaragua’s signature work of drama, the ultimate expression of its unique history, language, dance, and culture. 


This Gran Baile, or great dance, continues today, not only in the form of long-held folkloric performances but in the careful blending of Nicaragua’s tobacco, which is some of the richest, most flavorful filler tobacco in the world. Master blender Nicholas Melillo has worked tirelessly to create and honor the great dance of flavors which you are about to experience in El Güegüense cigars.


Blended by Nicholas Melillo aka Nick~R~Agua
“Nicaragua, amante del presente, forjador del Futuro”

El Güegüense Tobaccos

These cigars are made with a blend of Cuban Criollo 98 and  Corojo 99 varieties.  Harvested in the areas of Jalapa and Esteli.

Leaves from the third, forth , sixth and medio tiempo primings were used to obtain good strength, aroma and flavor.

Aroma – Intense with hints of honey, wood and pepper

Sabor – Woody, cedar, hints of sweetness, and mouth watering, characteristic of Habanos.

Color – Rosado Rosado Cafè

Fortaleza – Medium to Strong

Draw – Impressive

Combustion – Very stable

Ash– gray / silver

Tabacos el Güegüense

Estos puros se han logrado con la mezcla de las variedades Cubanas criollo 98 y corojo 99 cosechadas en las zonas de Jalapa y Esteli, pero además se utilizaròn las hojas de la tercera, cuart y sexta posiciòn foliar de las plantas los llamados Secos, Visos, Lijeros y Medio Tiempo para obtener buena Fortaleza, aroma y Sabor.

Aroma – Intenso con recuerdos a miel, madera y pimiento

Sabor – Amaderado y fondo dulzòn, que perdura y llena de agua la boca, no reseca, caracteristicas de Habanos.

Color – Rosado a Rosado Cafè

Fortaleza – Media – Fuerte

Tiro – Impresionante

Combustiòn – Muy estable

Ceniza– Color gris plata