About Foundation Cigar Company

With over 20 years of love and dedication for the industry, we blend old-world traditions with contemporary styles and customs to create distinctive premium cigars.


Our aim is to collaborate with handpicked tobacconists who share our passion and dedication for crafting high-quality artisanal products.


We have forged strong relationships with some of the finest tobacco growers worldwide and established our production in the Esteli Valley, Nicaragua.

We do not sell tobacco products on our website and do not directly sell tobacco products to consumers. This site is intended only for individuals above the age of 21. If you are not 21, please refrain from viewing or accessing this website.

Foundation Cigar Co. Settles Into New Space In The Connecticut River Valley


Foundation proudly presents ten brands and counting. Each release is thoughtfully blended and hand-rolled through a meticulous process that spans years. We source our tobacco from the finest farms on earth because the leaf serves as the true foundation.

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