El Güegüense – 5yr Aniversario Collector’s Chest

Foundation Cigar Company is proud to announce the limited edition El Güegüense – 5yr Aniversario Collector’s chest.

In September of 2015, Nicholas Melillo released Foundation Cigar Company’s debut offering: El Güegüense (el-way-when-say) or “The Wise Man.” A 100% Nicaraguan Puro that celebrates the nation’s land, people, and traditions, it takes its name from the cunning protagonist of the country’s annual Festival of San Sebastián. Fans of the cigar treasure its smooth, balanced, and distinctively Nicaraguan flavor.

To commemorate Foundation’s 5-year anniversary, Melillo has blended and designed a limited edition 4 ¾ by 60 Perfecto in a one-of-a-kind collector’s chest. The 20-count box, resembling the one held by The Wise Man during the festival’s Great Dance, represents the hard-work, ingenuity, and deep cultural wealth of the Nicaraguan people.

The special blend features an elegant Corojo 99 wrapper, a blend of high-quality fillers from Jalapa and Estelí, and is held together by a specially selected binder from San Andres Mexico.

This limited-edition chest will be available to select Foundation partners throughout the U.S. come late September 2020.

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