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Foundation Cigars, led by its founder Nicholas Melillo, isn’t shy about using history in its brand identity, but while English castles and Ethiopian rulers make for great branding, nothing has hit as spot on as Olmec. The Olmecs are widely considered Mesoamerica’s first great civilization and more importantly in this context, they offer the first ancient evidence of cigars. The image on the label of the Cigar of the Year is purportedly the oldest known image of a cigar smoker.

On a side note, the Olmecs are also considered the first civilization to make chocolate. If we understand this correctly, the Olmec civilization from the San Andres Valley in Mexico gave us tobacco and chocolate; if they also invented the taco we may just convert to Olmecism! All jokes aside, the Olmec Maduro is covered with a mouth-watering San Andres negro wrapper grown in the region where the civilization thrived.

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